"An icon in truck repair, maintenance and tyre retreading in Malaysia"

General & Periodic Maintenance Services for Prime movers, Trailers and Side-Loaders.

The general and periodic maintenance services encompass:-

Lubricants, oil and air filters, coolant and etc
Wheel balancing & alignment
Tyre services and replacement
Performing checks and adjustments in accordance to manufacturer’s specifications

Q-Team repairs, services and maintains a few makes of commercial vehicles such as Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Mitsubishi-FUSO, Hammar Maskin and Steelbro side loaders. For wheel balancing, Q-Team uses the TCB 1200 Wheel Balancer Equipment. Whenever vibration affects the vehicles suspension, the whole vehicle will shudder. Therefore the Wheel Balancer is used in detecting asymmetries in the way the tyres rotate and calculate the amount of weight that should be added to the wheels, to achieve the optimum balance.

Customers will benefit from:-

Vehicles running smoothly regardless of speed.
The steering control will be better and road traction will be enhanced.
Reduced mechanical vibrations, extended life span of wheels, axles, absorbers, bearings and tyres. At the end of the day customers enjoy cost-saving.
Exceeding customers' expectations; delivering peak performances